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Keystone Rj45 Shielded Cat5e Tool-free

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The BKT RJ45 module is used to build a four-pair copper transmission link and, more specifically, to terminate the link with an RJ45 connector in the form of a socket.
The compact BKT RJ45 module, in the universal and popular "keystone" mounting standard, can be used in a wide range of electrical installation equipment used in telecommunications subscriber sockets and enables installation in modular patch panels at distribution points such as IT cabinets.
The performance of the solution is confirmed by laboratory testing and a set of design features ensures repeatability and high quality of teletechnical installations


  • Information about the category on the front of the module
  • Each keystone module includes id tag
  • Each keystone module includes dust cover of the port which protects pins against both dust and mechanical damage
  • The system of colored id tags/dust covers allows to divide network identification according to the preferences of the user or administrator
  • A unique mounting system enabling cable entry from the side or traditionally at the back of the module
  • The “keystone” standard of the module guarantees compatibility with a wide range of electro-installation accessories
  • The cable insertion from the back of the module doesn't need use of cable tie
  • The Faston 250 series connector integrated with the module housing makes it easier to ground each modules individually
  • Universal IDC slot connection for solid and stranded wires with 22-26 AWG
  • Integrated short circuit protection of conductors
  • T568A/B scheme indicated on the tool free organiser and inside the module
  • Color of the keystone mounting latch in accordance with the BKT cabling system performance naming: yellow = cat. 8.1, red = cat. 6A, blue = cat. 6, grey = cat. 5e
  • Logo on the “keystone” body to help identify the system manufacturer
  • Coherent design of shielded and unshielded module from cat. 8.1 to cat. 5e
  • Standards compliance confirmed by tests carried out in independent laboratories
  • Certified compliance with PoE standard (PoE, PoE+, 4PPoE)
  • Conforms with requirements of electromagnetic compatibility EMC
  • 25 years system guarantee
  • Compact dimensions (H x W x D) – 20,4 mm x 16,8 mm x 37,6 mm
  • 3 assembly methods:
    • 1.Toolless: no special assembly tools needed
    • 2.Tool: using 110 IDC impact tool
    • 3.Tool: using BKT HAT automatic tool



  • T568A & T568B wiring map printing in toolless organiser and IDC slot
  • Insertion force: 30N max
  • Retention strength: 7,7 kg between jack and plug
  • Operation temperature: -10°C to 60°C


  • Jack: ≥ 750 cycles plug-jack mating and unmating test, insertion cycles at 20 cycles/minute max., contact resistance test per 100 cycles
  • IDC: ≥ 20 terminations for 22-26 AWG stranded and solid wire, compatible with 110 tool and BKT HAT tool

RJ45 Jack

  • Housing: Zinck die-casting Nickel plated
  • Contact bracket: PC, UL 94-V2

RJ45 jack contact

  • Material: Phosphor bronze Nickel plated
  • Finish: 50 µin gold plated on pins


  • Housing: PC + Fiber Glass, UL 94-V2
  • Cover: Zinc die-casting Nickel plated
  • Terminal: Phosphor bronze Tin plated
  • Organiser: PC + Fiber Glass, UL 94-V2
  • PCB: FR4, UL 94V-0
  • ID Tag: ABS + PC, UL 94V-0
  • Dust cover: PP, UL 94V-2f
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